Gift Card Giveaway

Check this out!!!! Paxton has a new program that is just starting to GIVE AWAY $20,000 in gift cards to LOCAL BUSINESSES!!!! This is HUGE, and much needed during these times!! Thank you to The Frederick Community Bank and @Hudson’s Drug & Hallmark Shop for sponsoring such a forward thinking program!!! Here’s the deal: Stop by a participating Paxton business and purchase a gift card, minimum of $25 and max of $100. Then post a pic of it with the receipt to the Paxton Chamber of Commerce fb page and they will MATCH your purchase! Limit of $250 matching funds per family. And if you’re buying a Humble Hog gift card, we were just surprised with even more donors that would like to sweeten the deal further!! So, just imagine turning a $100 gift card of bbq into $200 of bbq!! Absolutely AMAZING!!! Get stocked up for Father’s Day or just surprise a neighbor with a gift card! Let’s get out there and SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES!!! The time is NOW, every single purchase, hand shake, and thank you matters more than you know! We have to keep our town moving forward!!!