Grilling At Home

Grilling at home today for my family, and the church across the street has it’s bells playing the Star Spangled Banner while I’m watching the flag waive in the breeze. Our freedom is an amazing thing indeed. Memorial Day weekend is a great time to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and also to reflect upon our own freedoms. This leaves me contemplating Illinois’ recent executive orders and fairly arbitrary regulations allowing big box stores to operate at full steam while small businesses and churches have suffered running at a fraction of their normal volume or closed all together. Our restaurant has been closed now for two months as we’ve waited out these “uncertain times” in the interest of keeping our team and the public safe. We’ve used the time wisely to remodel our kitchen and have updated our dining room for a contact free guest experience along with new online ordering. And now, friends, we’re going to exercise our freedoms and open to serve you the best bbq we can possibly make. Sure, we’ve always maintained high standards of sanitation and safety, and we will continue to be vigilant. We’ll plan to be open at 4:30pm Wednesday, May 27th, and yes, our wings will be ready, along with your favorite Paxton Punch! We appreciate how Illinois as a whole has been creative with finding ways to support restaurants, and we will continue to keep supporting our local farms and breweries. We’re proud to help propel our local economy, and we feel comfortable opening with safety in mind along with our liberty and freedom.